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Nike Dri-Fit Care Instructions

Nike Dri-FIT Product Care Instructions

Nike Dri-FIT material wicks excess moisture from the body, but improper care can inhibit performance. Check the care instructions on the product care tag inside the garment. In general, you should:

·         Always wash garments inside-out.

·         Wash by hand or by machine in cold water with like colors.

·         Use powdered detergent. Do NOT use liquid detergent.

·         Tumble dry on low heat or air/hang dry.

·         Do not use bleach.

·         Do NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

·         Do not dry clean.

If you need to iron your Dri-FIT garment, use the cool setting and avoid ironing over any logos or designs.

Fabric softeners, whether added in the washer or the dryer (sheets) should never be used on Dri-FIT fabrics. Softeners are made of waxes and oils that coat the fibres and prevent the fabrics from performing. If a softener is accidentally used, simply rewash the garment without softener.

Washing garments inside-out will prolong the life of the garment and protect the logos, player printing and badges from damage during the wash.

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