2013-14 Barcelona Home and Away

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FC Barcelona 2013-14 Home and Away Kits released. 

Barcelona 13-14 Kits are made by Nike and sponsored by Qatar Airways, who are taking over the sponsorship from the Qatar Foundation which was originally on a 5-year sponsorship through to 2016. However, both Qatar organisations are owned by the Qatar government. Unicef remains at the bottom of the back of the Barcelona 2013-14 shirt.

After two seasons with adventurous designs, for the new Barca 13/14 Home Shirt Nike reverts to the classical vertical stripes. The Home Kit features narrow horizontal stripes on the sleeves creating a transition effect.

The V-collar is yellow and features the Catalan flag on the back side and the lettering Més que un club on the inside (More than a club). While the Nike and Unicef logos on the Barcelona 13-14 Home Shirt are yellow, the Qatar Airways logo is silver.

The Home shorts are blue and the Home socks are red and blue, with a blue top and reducing horizontal blue stripes creating a transitional effect.

FC Barcelona 2013-14 Away Shirt is inspired by the Senyera's (Catalan flag) colors yellow and red. Nike and Qatar Airways logos on the new Barcelona 13-14 Away Shirt are colored navy.

Unlike the Barcelona 2013-14 Home Jersey the new Barcelona Away Kit features a yellow round collar with a red trim at the top. The sleeves of the new Barcelona kit are yellow and feature reducing red stripes on the sleeves creating a transition effect.

The Barcelona 13-14 Away Kit shorts are red with a black trim on each side and the Away Kit socks are red and feature a thin black stripe towards the top as well as the red and yellow fade stripes seen on the sleeves.

What was earlier 'leaked' as the new Barcelona 13-14 Third Kit turned out to be the Barcelona 13-14 Keeper Kit.

The Barcelona 13-14 Goalkeeper Home Shirt is black and grey. It features the same fading stripes on the sleeves as seen on the Barcelona 13-14 Home and Away kits. The stripes are used to create a transitional effect from the black upper part of the sleeves to the grey lower part.

Barcelona 2013-14 Goalkeeper Home Kit shorts are black and Barcelona 13-14 Keeper Home Kit socks are black as well.

The Nike FC Barcelona 13-14 Goalkeeper Away Kit is blue using a similar template as the Goalkeeper Home Shirt.  The Away GK shirt may sometimes be used in home games where it's a mo appropriate colour.

Neymar will wear the number 11 jersey with the player name NEYMAR JR

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