Letter From Santa

FC Santa Claus, Finland

Christmas Day 2011

Dear Customer,


Would you like to send someone a special message this Christmas?


We can publish a message online to go with the kit you have purchased from us. You tell us the level of online visibility you want… either your message is private and limited to persons who know the link or it is made public and can be viewed by anyone. You decide.


You send us the message you want to publish. You tell us what photos you would like included e.g. team shirt, front photo and back photo with name and number. You can email us your own photos or images to include in the message e.g. a photo of your personalised shirt. Once the message is online we will send you the link and then you can decide whether to keep it a private message or to make it public on the web.


Give it a go!


Merry Christmas


Sportech NZ








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